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NHS Services provided by Pulteney Pharmacy

We dispense NHS and Private prescriptions from all doctors, dentists, nurse prescribers and hospitals. We keep a comprehensive stock of medicines on site at all times and are re-stocked by local suppliers twice every day. In the unlikely event that we do not have your medicines to hand we can usually get them later the same day. Private prescriptions (including malaria prophylaxis, viagra, etc.) are dispensed at competitive prices, so please ask us for a quotation. You may follow this link for information on current prescription charges
What is a Medicines Check? A medicines check, otherwise known as a medicine use review, involves a face to face interview with our accredited pharmacist in the comfort of a private consulting room. The review usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes and gives you the chance to discuss how you are getting on with your medicines. We will answer questions and help you to get the best out of your prescription medicines. Why do I need a review of my medicines? The purpose of the review is to help you understand your medicines and feel confident in taking them. Importantly we will help you identify a
If there was one thing you could do to improve your health what would it be? Well, if you are a smoker you probably already know the answer but we all know how difficult this is. We will do all that we can to help you stop smoking and stay stopped.  Our trained smoking cessation counsellor Liz will guide you through your options and will motivate you to achieve a smoke free life.  We can help with all types of nicotine replacement therapy and where appropriate through the recommendation of medicines to help you stop. We understand how difficult it is to quit smoking but we know you will
We provide a full range of sexual health services for young people including free emergency hormonal contraception (the "morning-after" pill), pregnancy testing and discrete chlamydia home test kits for any patient aged under 24. We are accredited to offer advice and services under the SAFE scheme which was launched in 2009 to ensure access to expert sexual health information, advice and support to patients within Bath and NorthEast Somerset without difficulty or delay. The SAFE scheme ensures accessible, confidential and friendly advice for a range of sexual health and relationship issues and
What is the new medicines service? The new medicine service (NMS) is a service to help patients with long term conditions where new medicines have been prescribed. At the moment the service is available for patients with asthma, other long term respiratory diseases, raised blood pressure for conditions where blood thinning agents are needed. What does the service offer? The service offers you a chance to meet with the pharmacist in a private consulting room to discuss the medicine, to learn how it works and to gain an understanding of it's action. You will learn about the medicine and be e