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Fast Scripts

fast track prescription delivery service

Do you want your prescription as quickly as possible?

Yes? Then use our Fast Track service which streamlines all prescription processing.

All it takes is for you to register with the Pulteney Pharmacy. Simply enter your details in the registration box at the top at the top of this page or on our registration page.

Patients who are additionally registered with our on-site surgery at The Pulteney Practice can also enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated service. This means that prescriptions can be generated and authorised rapidly by our in-house medical staff, minimising the chance of error and delay. Or you can come directly from the Doctor to the pharmacy and your medication will be ready in 5-10 minutes.

We also welcome patients who are registered with other practices to use our pharmacy. We can arrange collection from your own surgery and we can dispense and deliver to your home all entirely free of charge. And we aim to achieve this in 48 hours!

Are there other benefits of registering?

Yes. If you give us a current mobile number and email address we can contact you by SMS or email when your prescription is ready for collection, or scheduled for delivery. We can also contact you to remind you that it is time to order your next prescription.

Will my information be safe?

Yes. All information is retained securely within our organisation. See our privacy policy for further details. Our website is secured using industry approved systems (see Comodo for more information)

How do I order my prescription?

We take your orders over the phone (01225 466454), by fax (01225 466454) and over the internet.

Register or log in and try our new web form.

You may use the form below to place a Fast Track Prescription Order

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